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Vitamins are vital nutrients which are required by our body in minute amounts for proper functioning of physiological processes in our body. Multivitamins are the combinations of vitamins and minerals that we require everyday. Multivitamin supplements should to be taken in recommended dosage as excess intake of multivitamins is harmful. Liquid vitamins are consumed by those who have difficulty in swallowing multivitamin pills. Normally, vitamin B and vitamin C liquid multivitamins are available.

The benefits of liquid multivitamins are that they are easier to take, swallow and absorb. The medicines in the form of pills may cause choking, breathing or swallowing problems especially in the paediatric discipline.

‘Complete absorption’ is the key to effectiveness of liquid vitamins. 98% of liquid multivitamins are directly absorbed into the blood stream. The pills needs to first pass through the digestive system where it is acted upon by acidic digestive juices. Thus, there are high chances that they may be destroyed by the stomach acid. The liquid multivitamins are allowed to enter our body through injection directly into the blood stream or through mucous membrane of our mouth or through lining of the colon. The liquid vitamins bypass the digestive process. Also, most of the liquid vitamins have flavour added to them. The liquid multivitamins, since they have flavour added to them, consumption becomes easier and better for the kids. Since the liquid multivitamins are absorbed directly into the blood stream, they have higher bioactivity and greater therapeutic benefits.
The liquid multivitamins have antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E present in them, which are not produced internally by our body. Antioxidants are required so as to prevent oxidation reaction taking place in our body. These antioxidants are present in the liquid multivitamins and thus protect us from the damage caused due to the oxidation reaction.

Liquid multivitamins contain colloidal minerals like aluminium. These colloidal minerals are very important for our body. For example – the apple also contains colloidal mineral and we are all aware of the proverb ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Same is the case with the liquid multivitamins which contain colloidal minerals like silver aluminium which provides added benefits.
Doctors also recommend liquid multivitamin supplements as they are the best way to meeting nutritional needs of the patients. They are great health care substances for people who have to follow restricted diet and do not get all kind of vitamins. In fact medical practitioners use liquid multivitamins for treating long term vitamin deficiency diseases. Another benefit  is that they are formulated in such a way, so that over dosage is not a problem anymore. Unless taken in very large amounts.

The demand of liquid multivitamins is increasing because they provide people a safe and easy way to ensure that they are getting all necessary nutrients required for a healthy life style. In today’s modern world, quality is of utmost importance to all people. A high quality source of vitamins will add quality to your life.

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