NHS Digital is launching a pilot to build the process that will enable partner services to connect to NHS login, providing a single way for patients in England to verify their identity and then use the login to access digital health and care services.

Patients will need to set up the NHS login – username and password – by using an email address and a mobile phone, according to NHS Digital, and then they will be asked to take a photo of their identity document and record and submit a video of themselves reading out four numbers sent to them.

Those already using online GP services will be able to use their registration details, and NHS Digital says it is working on finding a way to allow patients to also use their GOV.UK Verify accounts and to provide an alternative for people that do not want to complete ID checks online.

The five partners that have been selected are:

  • Tiny Medical Apps – a new NHS-funded app for teenagers to manage long-term conditions
  • eConsult – an online consultation platform in use in around 600 GP practices in England
  • Helm – a person held record currently being developed in Leeds, allowing people to contribute to their health and care records
  • Audit and Transparency Summary Care Record – an NHS Digital programme enabling people to access an audit of their summary care records
  • Digital Child Health – an NHS programme for a new digital version of the paper-based Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) (known as the Digital Redbook).

NHS login has been tested with around 3,400 patients as part of the NHS App pilot, and is now being used in the platform as it is being rolled out across the country this year.

According to the Topol review published today, the NHS App’s secure identification and login process “has been independently tested against standards set by the National Cyber Security Centre”.

Ian Phoenix, NHS Digital Director of Citizen Health Technology, said:

“We are pleased to announce this latest stage for NHS login and are grateful for the input from our early partners which will no doubt help to improve the service for everyone.

“A single NHS login will make it easier for people to use health and care websites and apps and lower the burden on the NHS by taking this task away from care workers on the front line.”

Source : MobiHealthNews


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