191: Understanding How Gaming Disorder & Gaming Addiction Are Affecting Our Kids

Sam Shay

Sam Shay

Are video games a fun way to unwind, or a deeper problem? My guest today is clear on his answer.

Dr. Sam Shay is a chiropractor with a background in functional nutrition and testing, but he hasn’t always been as healthy as he is today. Dr. Shay walked his own journey to overcome his 25-year addiction to video games, a 15-year addiction to sugar, as well his insomnia, gut problems, and low mood.

Now, Dr. Shay uses his experience and training to help those with gaming disorder unplug from their screens and plug back into their lives. Dr. Shay also coaches concerned family and friends of problem gamers on how to help support the unplugging process.

Episode Highlights: Gaming Addiction

  • the six major reasons video games are so addictive
  • important signs to look for in those struggling with gaming addiction
  • the primal reflex in the brain that makes game addiction more likely
  • why the “stereotypical gamers” (teenage boys) make up only 17% of gamers today
  • why boredom is such a dangerous emotion, and what to do about it as a parent
  • an important correlation (and a major difference) between game addiction and recreational drug addiction
  • how the CDC definition of heavy drinking also applies to gaming disorder
  • the reason to remove all gaming systems from the bedroom
  • good guidelines to establish for healthy gaming
  • an important reason not to play games at night for the sake of your nervous system!
  • the surprising reason gaming can lead to other risky behaviors
  • and more

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