183: Is Fluoride the Hidden Cause of Acne? (& What to Do About It)

Fluoride: The Hidden Cause of Acne (& What to Do About It)

Fluoride: The Hidden Cause of Acne (& What to Do About It)

Have you ever wondered why fluoride is in our water? I get a lot of questions from all of you on this subject and I’ve been meaning to write about it for a long time. Mellisa Gallico is here to share all about the dangers of fluoride and its hidden connection to a common problem: acne.

Melissa is no rookie when it comes to research. Get a load of this bio…she graduated with honors from Georgetown and has a masters from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She’s a former military intelligence officer, a Fulbright Scholar, and an FBI Intelligence Analyst.

So how did she come to be a fluoride expert? As with most of my guests, it’s because she had to tackle health problems personally. Take a listen and if you want to hear more from her, check out her two fascinating books The Hidden Cause of Acne and F Is for Fluorite.

Episode Highlights: The Hidden Cause of Acne

  • Why the biggest air pollutant is being added to our water supply
  • The reason there is a pesticide in your toothpaste
  • What happens when we are exposed to too much fluoride
  • The surprising sources of hidden fluoride you may not know about
  • Why fluoride may be the reason for acne and skin problems
  • The true history of fluoride and how to avoid it
  • Why chicken may be a source of fluoride exposure
  • A reason to only use organic chickens (and avoid processed chicken like chicken nuggets)
  • The sad truth about tea (all teas?)
  • Why kombucha may be sabotaging your health

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